ACTIVE Sinnflut ® Man

Personal Massager for men – rechargeable

ACTIVE Sinnflut ® Man

The ACTIVE Sinnflut man is a new high technology concept for intimate relaxation of men in cases of light erection problems.


  • waterproof
  • extremely noiseless
  • infinetly variable
  • additional suction effect when covering the smaller hole
  • soft surface due to medical grad silicone
  • no batteries needed
  • rechargeable due to induction
  • strong motor and solid electronic

How to use ACTIVE Sinnflut® man:

The ACTIVE Sinnflut man device provokes and supports by its vibrating features a natural stimulated erection.

It helps as well in case of erectile dysfunction.


On/off switch at the little button at the bottom of the device. With the little mini joystick you may increase or decrease or switch to impulse vibrations.