ACTIVE Erection System NT ®

Medical Device for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical Device for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The ACTIVE ED System® – 3 devices in 1 unit:

1. ACTIVE Erection System NT®

(AES) with electric pump head

Information on AES

2. MANUAL Erection System NT®

(MES) with manual pump head

Information on MES

3. REHABI PVT® green soft adapter

for use of the device without constriction rings

Information on REHABI


  • Instruction for use in several languages
  • DVD for additional information
  • waterbased lubricant
  • personal storage bag

Content overview:


  1. Cylinder, with ring loader II: size 202mm x 53 mm inside diameter
  2. Soft adapter
  3. ACTIVE electric pump head
  4. 3 x AAA batteries
  5. MANUAL pump head
  6. Ring loader I
  7. Cone to slide ring on ring loader I
  8. 5 different sized constriction rings (sizes: 10 mm, 12,5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm)
  9. Storage bag
  10. Instruction for use
  11. DVD with additional information