Hydrozid is a preparation for cryotherapy warts and other skin lesions, developed in Denmark, which is approved in Europe and are CE marked.

Hydrozid combines the effectiveness of traditional cryotherapy with modern aerosol technology. The result is a simple, user-friendly treatment method.

Hydrozid contain 250 ml of liquid gas Norflurane. It is HFC-134a, the same fuel gas, which has been used for decades in some asthma inhalers, without being reported intolerance.

Hydrozid does not contain chlorine, it is non-flammable, harmless to the ozone layer and can be disposed of as normal waste.


Does not require special storage, transport or handling.
It is a product without the need for supplementation and with minimal losses due to evaporation.
It comes within 1-4 days.

Lehký stisk – tenký paprsek
Pevný stisk – silnější paprsek
Šablona pro bradavice

To avoid damaging surrounding tissues you may use one of the application templates provided.

Carefully select the hole in the template which matches the size of the lesion and adjust the spray jet by varying the pressure on the spray nozzle.

Using application templates, you can treat almost all sizes of skin lesion without causing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Each template has six holes of different diameters; 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm, respectively. The Hydrozid application templates are for single use and can be discarded as household waste after use. Due to the risk of infection, each application template should be used for one skin lesion only. The application template should be used only during treatment with Hydrozid.

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